When Dark Falls Wins an Ariana Award!

12439376_10208920686401777_999275815953076440_nLast year I received an email from the EPIC letting me know my cover for Pippa Jay’s When Dark Falls was a finalist for an Ariana cover art award in the Science Fiction/Futuristic category.  Well, it’s been forever since then and I stay pretty busy, so I didn’t keep track of it. Since I hadn’t heard back, I’d assumed I didn’t win. whendarkfalls_200x300

Then today when I checked the mail I had a little package with EPIC on the label. After shredding the box in the car, I found a lovely plaque. I won an Ariana award! Me. I never would have believed it.

Thank you so much to those at EPIC who found my cover worthy of this award. It means a lot!

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Site Update

As you can see, I have updated the site (long overdue!) and things are not quite in the same spot. Since I have improved greatly since my first year at cover art, I decided I needed to offer a more up-to-date look at my style for potential clients. ALL my covers are still available to view on my facebook page. However, a smaller sampling is on this site by genre rather than by publisher to better get the feel of my work. I am going to make an effort to create more Pre-Made covers this year as well.

2016_ariana_finalist-smIn other news… The cover I designed for Pippa Jay’s When Dark Falls is up for an Ariana award! It is one of the 2016 finalists and I will know in March if it won or not. How exciting

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Reflecting on 4.5 years at Breathless Press

A few months belated on making this post, but I was waiting to see if some of the covers I wanted to show in this blog post were used or not, and since it seems safe to say which will be used after BP and which will never be published with the corresponding books or continue to do so.

In 2010 A friend of mine sent me a link to a job posting for cover artists. Never having done cover art before, I didn’t expect to be replied to when I sent in fan art and my cover letter and had nothing but hopes and dreams to back me. The publisher, Justyn Perry, saw my potential and gave me the job. As the months progressed, my work started to as well. By the end of that year I was promoted to Art Director. Eventually, BP branched out into YA with Lycaon Press which gave me more to work with than sexy covers, which was always fun to have range. I will always be thankful for my time with this company and I am still saddened by their doors closing this spring.


My first cover:


Some of my favorites:

colorofdreamsHolidays with JacobarosebetweenthethornesaliendatingsiteArrows_453x680bondedagainstfate_453x680

My final covers (some of which never will use these covers)


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New Year, New Paths

BPbestcover2013Starting in January, I added two big names to my cover art client list: Ellora’s Cave and Loose Id. I am so completely excited to even be considered for either of the them! I am not leaving Breathless Press behind. It gave me my start and well, I may enjoy being the boss on that end. I can’t wait see what the future brings in terms of art.


Also, The cover for Tia Dani’s The Color of Dreams won in the reader polls for Best BP Cover of 2013. Thank you to all the colorofdreamspeople who voted. I love that cover and I am so happy to see it recognized.


On a final note, this year I am getting serious about my art. I hope to keep the site more up to date and hopefully will be able to produce some pre-mades by the summer.

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Feeling humble and, well, a wee bit awesome. LOL

IMG_1155In August I was informed that the print cover I created for Victoria Vane’s A Devil Named DeVere had won Best Historical Cover at RNC in the RONE Awards. It’s been a few months, but my plaque arrived in the mail today, shiny and new. I checked the mail on the way to see Thor: The Dark World (which was amazeballs, by the way) and opened this in the car outside of Dairy Queen.  The Devil Named DeVere is part of the Devil DeVere series from when it was published through Breathless Press. The covers I did for the first 4 books are now retired, as the author is now self publishing them. You can find out more about them here. The stock photos came from Hot Damn Stock. A huge huge thank you to Jimmy Thomas and RNC for this honor, and everyone involved.


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Cover Art Interview in August

On August 29th I will be stopping by the Imagine a World Blog for a quick interview about Cover Art in celebration of BP’s 4th Anniversary!VBT Breathless Press Book Cover Banner

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Hi guys, I don’t blog nearly as much as I should, but alas…here I am.

First up the cover for Geoff’s Teddy by Havan Fellows is up for best cover of 2012 at Loves Romance Cafe, the same place where Lee Brazil’s Loving Jacob took the prize for 2011. Yay! *crossing my fingers*

Secondly, I just snagged a booth at Authors After Dark in August. They are having a Self-Publishing expo and, since I do freelance work, I get to pander my wares to authors who need my sevices. It’s going to be the Thursday afternoon of the convention. Now I get to decide which covers of mine I want to invest in getting printed for hand outs.

Thirdly, and most regretably, I have had to cut freelance edits from my services provided. It seems I get bambarded all at once or nothing at all, and it just isn’t steady enough to attempt to keep it going. I am still editing for Liquid Silver though, so if you are a LSB author you are bound to draw my name eventually LOL. The main reason behind this change though is that I am trying to work on my own writing. I published my first book, Wicked Satyr Nights under the penname Rebekah Lewis with Breathless Press in October. I have been trying to work on the second book, but with a day job, edits, covers and freelance it gets a little hard to find the time. Freelance art doesn’t take quite as much time, and I get more fulfilment out of it on most days, so I am still absolutely doing freelance art.

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