Terms of Service


Author also acknowledges to respond to emails in a timely manner if they wish to ask for revisions. They are aware that no full refund will be given on cover art, and after the maximum amount of revisions, they are entitled to either pay for further revisions or receive a 25% partial refund and keep the last version of the cover created.

Artwork cannot be altered in any way without artist’s permission, whether in draft form or final. While cover/art belongs to author after purchase, the integrity of the design is the artist’s. Altering the art voids the contract herein being agreed to by creating an artistic collaboration that was never discussed or agreed to. While many authors are designers themselves or know other cover designers, it is a breach of contract and trust to change artwork without the artist’s knowledge. The artist reserves the right to refuse to make additional changes to the art to re-create alterations made to cover/draft without permission, especially if changes were never addressed via cover form or email correspondences to begin with. Watermarks will be used on incomplete drafts and may not be removed by the author or friends of the author. They will not be present on the final version of the artwork.

 Author can request URLs for stock at any time, and will be sure to read up on stock licensing in their own time. That the artist is not responsible for purchasing exclusive images or multi-use images.



Cost of editing should be paid in full as soon as possible. Services rendered will not be completed/handed back in until full payment is made. By paying of the amount above, author is accepting the terms of editing services, making this invoice a binding contract. Author agrees that they have read the refund policy on the editor’s website, as well as information on turnaround time for edits.

Author also acknowledges that the editor will set a deadline to for additional edits if the author has chosen a multiple round editing package. This is generally 1-3 weeks for the author to complete their end and return it. For every 15 days past the deadline set, there will be a $50 rescheduling fee due before additional edits. As of December 2017, if no firm deadline is set in the email to the author due to more work being required, the fee starts after the first 45 days past the date the previous round was sent to the author, and adds an additional fee for every 15 days that goes by. If edits are returned with 5,000 words or more added in, a fee will be added to cover the difference in wording. As of May 2018, if edits are returned for additional edits without Track Changes visible in the document, there will be a $75 fee to cover added hassle of using the compare doc feature, which adds unnecessarily to the turnaround time.

IT IS IMPORTANT that the author lets the editor know within 72 hours of edits being returned if there is a holiday, family event, work event, etc. that will require a longer deadline to send edits back for additional editing. Extended deadline cannot exceed 45 days and has to be requested before edits are past due, not after.