Hi guys, I don’t blog nearly as much as I should, but alas…here I am.

First up the cover for Geoff’s Teddy by Havan Fellows is up for best cover of 2012 at Loves Romance Cafe, the same place where Lee Brazil’s Loving Jacob took the prize for 2011. Yay! *crossing my fingers*

Secondly, I just snagged a booth at Authors After Dark in August. They are having a Self-Publishing expo and, since I do freelance work, I get to pander my wares to authors who need my sevices. It’s going to be the Thursday afternoon of the convention. Now I get to decide which covers of mine I want to invest in getting printed for hand outs.

Thirdly, and most regretably, I have had to cut freelance edits from my services provided. It seems I get bambarded all at once or nothing at all, and it just isn’t steady enough to attempt to keep it going. I am still editing for Liquid Silver though, so if you are a LSB author you are bound to draw my name eventually LOL. The main reason behind this change though is that I am trying to work on my own writing. I published my first book, Wicked Satyr Nights under the penname Rebekah Lewis with Breathless Press in October. I have been trying to work on the second book, but with a day job, edits, covers and freelance it gets a little hard to find the time. Freelance art doesn’t take quite as much time, and I get more fulfilment out of it on most days, so I am still absolutely doing freelance art.

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