Three Round Edits

TURN AROUND TIME: 7-24 days for the first round. The second and third rounds usually takes 5-14 days, and the author is given 2-3 weeks in between to do their end. Plan for at least 3 months to see editing done on schedule with room for delays by either party.

COST: $0.008 per word + PayPal fees due at the time scheduled. ($0.008 x 50,000 words = $400).

SCHEDULING: In advance. Last minute spots are not common.

SUGGESTED FOR: New authors, or those who want extra assistance due to revision errors. The additional rounds allows the editor to check behind changes for any extra guidance. It also allows the editor to check changes by the author for revision errors like missing/extra words or typos. (please keep changes in Track Changes.)

WHAT TO EXPECT: Checking for spelling, grammar, punctuation, repetitive wording, pacing, characterization, continuity, weaknesses in plot or narration, prompts and/or notes where expansion may be needed, cutting redundancies, critique notes, eliminating confusing tense or POV changes/head-hopping, detailed notes and a checklist for self-editing.

It is recommended to have a proofreader take a look after content edits are done. A fresh set of eyes will always catch something that gets passed over or added in revision.

RESERVATION FEE: A non-refundable $20.00 fee is expected up front to hold your place. If the manuscript comes in on time, the fee is deducted from the final cost. Start dates always occur on Monday, so if it is later than Wednesday of that week, the fee is  intelligible for deduction.

LATE FEES: For additional rounds (after round 1), the author is given a deadline to return the manuscript. For every 15 days late after the deadline, a $50 late fee will be implemented. The invoice will be sent at the time of receiving the manuscript and no further work will be done until the payment is made.

REFUNDS: No refunds on 1 round edits. You can reschedule or cancel at any time prior to the start date, but if cancelled after they are started, I will turn in what has been done (if the invoice was paid.) If, for some reason, a second and/or third round has to be cancelled due to a discrepancy with my style or unexpected incidents in life, a 10% partial refund of editing price may be refunded for edits that were more than 45,000 words when edits began. No partial refund will be given for short stories or novellas since first round is a comprehensive content + line edit with some critiquing if needed for developmental help. No partial refund given for cancellations due to edits that take longer than the first 15 day grace period past deadline.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Please check the PRE-EDITING checklist before turning in your manuscript.


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