Special Promotions


Schedule edits for the end of 2017 on a specific date and be eligible for a discount on editing.

E-mail v.millerartist@gmail.com to schedule edits. Start dates are the Monday of each week. These edits get the priority edits for the starting week over any overlapping sets. First round of edits take 1-3 weeks. Second/Third rounds, if they come back on schedule, take 1-2 weeks. Scheduling will be first come first serve.

DATES AVAILABLE (will update as they are taken):

December 11

December 25*

*I will not be editing on Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve/Day, but I will still be doing work those weeks. Projects under 45k may be best for these weeks, but I will still take full length as my day job does not pay for holiday time off from work, so I am happy to do the edits. For the Dec. 25 set, you can send these in the 26th or 27th and they won’t be considered late. Just be sure to plan for the 2-3 week turn around rather than a 1 week turn around.

The requirements:

Editing Pricing is listed HERE. Please remember I am a content editor and offer line editing skills with it. Be expected to do some work other than only accepting/rejecting changes. I offer professional edits like you would receive with a publishing house, along with developmental critiquing (if needed), checking characterization and continuity, and basic proofreading editing included. This is why it takes 1-3 weeks for a first round of edits. I’m putting the work in because I love working with authors to make their book shine. I know a lot of folks want quick, quick, quick, but I’m in it for the quality. 😉

Books 35k-59k will receive a 10% discount on editing cost for 1-2 rounds. If ordering a three round it will be 15% off the cost.

Books 60k or more will receive a 20% off discount on 1-2 round edits. Three rounds is 25% off.

Books under 35k are still accepted for these dates, but with no discounted cost.

However, if the edits are cancelled or rescheduled to a later date, the discount offer is voided. Only partial refunds available for edits already having gone through some editing. Be sure you’re able to keep your deadline if you are going to sign up! The discount is to help schedule the remaining weeks of 2017 only. I would suggest not setting a pre-order until round 1 has been completed (at least) to have an idea of how much work will be needed on additional rounds in case there is a continuity error that was missed or expansion is needed here or there.

This promotion is only for the dates above, and they are first come first serve. Once they are all booked, the offer ends. This offer extends to newly scheduled books between today’s date (9/28/17) and the end date/when all spots are filled. But you are welcome to start scheduling for 2018 if you need to!


Additional notes if I am new to you: Remember to check the the editing price page for refund policies and any additional fees for late edits as well as a large amount of additional content added for consecutive rounds.

I also offer cover art if you need to book a cover as well.