Special Promotions


Schedule edits on a 35K-100k+ book for July or August 2017 and get a FREE eBook cover design!

e-mail v.millerartist@gmail.com to schedule edits. Start dates are the monday of each week. Scheduling will be first come first serve to choose the two best dates that work for you.

The rules:

-Books must be at least 35,000 words long to be eligible. You can still schedule edits for books with smaller word counts for regular editing rates.

-Cover art can be done at the same time as the edits or held for a future date. It doesn’t have to be for the same book. It will be for an eBook cover only.

-However, if the edits are cancelled (before or during) or rescheduled to a later month, the free art offer is voided. Be sure you’re able to keep the deadline if you are going to sign up!

-This promotion is only for July or August spots, and they are first come first serve. Once they are all booked, the offer ends. This offer extends to newly scheduled books between today’s date (6/20/17) and the end date (which will be either when all spots are filled or by 8/26/17). There are discounts on combined edit/art deals already in place on my website that are available year round if you would like to schedule ahead of time.

-No additional art discounts can be combined with this. Likewise, if you need a print cover or 3D boxset deal, the difference in price will be charged before the final product is handed over. All drafts use a watermark that is removed upon finalization.

-All editing fees listed on my website will be remaining the same. The art will be free, but not the edits. However, the scheduling fee ($20) will be waived for this promotion.

-Stock is included in cover art…to a limit. Since I am offering the art for free, the stock is coming out of pocket on my end, and I reserve the right not to use an image if it costs more than $30. You are more than welcome to send URLs of the stock image you prefer, or supply a stock image if you’ve already purchased it or if it is an exclusive image—you will be asked to verify where the stock was purchased from for my records and no additional discounting will be offered for supplied stock.