Single Round Edit

TURN AROUND TIME: 7-24 days. Plan accordingly.

COST: $0.006 per word + PayPal fees due at the time scheduled. ($0.006 x 50,000 words = $300)

SCHEDULING: In advance. Last minute spots are not common.

SUGGESTED FOR: Manuscripts that have undergone critiquing and revision, or have been previously proofread for spelling and punctuation.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Checking for spelling, grammar, punctuation, repetitive wording, pacing, characterization, continuity, weaknesses in plot or narration, prompts and/or notes where expansion may be needed, cutting redundancies, critique notes, eliminating confusing tense or POV changes/head-hopping, detailed notes and a checklist for self-editing.

It’s recommended to still have a proofreader take a look after content edits are done. Revision mistakes often sneak in during the editing process.

RESERVATION FEE: A non-refundable $20.00 fee is expected up front to hold your place. If the manuscript comes in on time, the fee is deducted from the final cost. Start dates always occur on Monday, so if it is later than Wednesday of that week, the fee is  intelligible for deduction.

REFUNDS: No refunds on 1 round edits. You can reschedule or cancel at any time prior to the start date, but if cancelled after they are started, I will turn in what has been done (if the invoice was paid.)

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Please check the PRE-EDITING checklist before turning in your manuscript.


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