TURN AROUND TIME: 5-14 days. Plan accordingly.

COST: $0.005 per word + PayPal fees due at the time scheduled. ($0.005 x 50,000 words = $250)

SCHEDULING: In advance. Last minute spots are not common.

SUGGESTED FOR: Manuscripts that have already undergone content editing.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Proofreading is a less in-depth line edit. I will be checking for grammar, spelling, punctuation, repetitive wording, awkward phrases.

No content or development notes will be given, and no critiques or notes to improve narration, pacing, characterization, or plot. If you need help with any of these things, please considering content editing, which is available in 1-3 round and cover all the bases.

RESERVATION FEE: A non-refundable $20 fee is expected up front to hold your place.

REFUNDS: No refunds on 1 round edits or proofreading.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Even though this is a proofing round, it will still take 1-2 weeks, especially for full-length novels. As a professional editor, I strive to give every manuscript my full attention, and I do not deliver rushed work.

Please check the PRE-EDITING checklist before turning in your manuscript.


IS  THIS THE SERVICE YOU WISH TO SCHEDULE? Need to ask additional questions?

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See editing F.A.Q.s for more information on fees and refunds.