Cover Art Pricing


Custom Digital Book Cover: $100*

Includes HiRes eBook cover art and Facebook cover banner.

Custom Print Book: $150*

Includes HiRes full cover wrap, plus front cover for digital edition, and Facebook cover banner. Please supply the template for the book at time of payment to ensure your printer of choice has the correct size spine on your cover, or schedule an approximate time for the final print version template to be ready. (Anticipate 24-72 hour wait for final print version if template is provided at a later date).

Editing and Art Combinations can be found HERE:

Custom 3D Box Set: $200*

Includes HiRes 3D render, HiRes cover flat, HiRes cover-sized graphic showcasing the 3D image for promo, Facebook Banner, two textless promo images to use for marketing.

Promo Material Add-on Package: $25*

With any custom cover, you can add some promo for a bargain price. Includes up to 3 promotional items (though you may get extra variations of each). Can be (but not limited to) bookmarks, wallpapers, 3D single volume book, tablet, or phone, etc. Let me know what you need.

If you need more than 3 items, you can order an additional package or we can negotiate pricing for what is involved. This package can ONLY be ordered with custom covers or Pre-mades, using the cover art or elements from the cover as the images.

First Time Client Discount: 20% off first custom cover (Pre-Mades are not included in this offer).

*Pricing liable to change with the market. If I quoted you this price and it changes, I will honor the price quoted.

Large Order Discount: Covers must be ordered and purchased at the same time for discount to apply, and must be part of a series which would use the same font and style for all covers. First book cover would be worked on first to to get approval on fonts and style before additional covers. Half payment due up front. Second half before final versions without watermarks are given to the author.

4-6 covers: 20% off

7-9 covers: 30% off

10 or more covers: 40% off

Pre-Made Covers: Starting at $40* Covers are sold as is, with only the wording changed. I can change the fonts to match others in a series. If you want a custom cover, please see the custom pricing at the top of the page. I usually only have a handful of these available at a time. First come, first serve.

*covers with more details/stock images used/time spent may cost more than minimum amount. Prices will be marked on the pre-made cover page.

Promotional items: $25-$50 each Depending on the amount of work required. Cost of stock is not included. Author can supply stock if they wish, so long as they link where it was purchased for copyright purposes.

Adding a back cover and a print template for an existing cover: $50

Layered PSD file: $60 and a signed statement that this will be used only to produce promotional items and the author or another artist will not change or alter the purchased art in any way or use stock used outside of the cover—voids stock agreement. While font layers will be turned on, the artist cannot send copies of the fonts used.

*The Fine Print: Cost of stock is included for custom cover art up to $50 in stock fees per cover. If the cost of stock exceeds that amount, the cost over this limit will be tacked on to the bill to be paid before finished files are turned in. This is rare, but it can happen if several pieces of expensive stock is picked out by an author that they do not provide themselves. I keep my art prices low, which is the reason for this limitation. If you have stock in mind for the covers, you are more than welcome to purchase the stock yourself as long as links to the images on the stock sites are provided so I can ensure they are stock and not web images or an image that is for editorial use only, but this will not change the cost of art because I will still be using additional stock in backgrounds, props, textures and other elements of the cover. In the case of authors providing stock, I will need High Resolution for cover art. Only use Low Resolution for promotional images. When I purchase from romance cover specific sites, I purchase one use-web and print stock. This means you can only use it on the cover and related promo for that one book title. If putting the art on a bundle/set or foreign edition, you will need to purchase the multi-use art license. I will be more than happy to send stock links if requested if you wish to do this.
Payment in full is requested before cover art is created and will cover up to three full drafts of the cover. If the first two drafts don’t work, the artist may ask author to look at stock and help determine which models work best. After the third revision if the author picked the models and decides the models do not work, a $20 fee will be requested to change the models an additional time, If, after 4 drafts, the author is still dissatisfied, a 20% partial refund can be requested within 2 weeks of receiving the the 4th draft. No full refund will be offered due to time spent and/or stock purchased for the cover.