Editing Pricing

Editing Pricing


Please e-mail me at v.millerartist@gmail.com to inquire about scheduling.  PLEASE NOTE that I am an editor and not a proofreader. There is a high chance you will be expected to expand, enhance, and work on your edits and not only accept in the corrections that are made.

If you are only after a proofread, I may not be the editor you are looking for. Hire a proofreader if all you want to do is accept changes. Hire an editor if you are wanting to whip your book into tiptop shape. However, please send me COMPLETED books. While I am happy to help expand trouble areas, I should not be helping you write your book–that part should be completed when editing begins. If more than 5k is added to your book before it returns to me for an additional round, there will be an additional charge on word count. The average word count of round 1 expansion lies between 1-3k.

Credentials: I’ve been a content editor for Liquid Silver Books from January 2009-August 2016. I’ve been working on freelance editing projects during and since then. I’m an avid reader, and have a degree in English Literature. During my college years, I took two courses in creative writing (fiction) and had a story published from one of those classes. I have experience in editing, writing, and cover design. Seeing what publishers look for and what sells well in self-publishing.



-Romance (in all sub-genres)

-Young Adult

-New Adult

-Urban Fantasy



-Science Fiction

-Erotica (Ask before sending if you think yours might be a bit too extreme or out of the ordinary.)


-checking for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors

-checking for consistency in plot, characters, pacing, and facts

-finding repetitive words and phrases as well as redundancies

-offering advice to strengthen sentences, paragraphs, or scenes as a whole

-helping to point out areas that should be expanded or reduced

-eliminating confusing tense or POV changes/head-hopping.

-Detailed notes and a checklist for self-editing

Changes are made using the Track Changes and comment features in the Microsoft Word program. If you do not have Word 2007 up to the most recent version our programs will not be compatible and changes may not be marked properly on your end.

Likewise, ALL changes made by the author are expected to be in Track Changes when they return. If this is not the case, it will take an extra week for me to do second or third round edits using combine documents to make sure I am not marking rejections a second time that are not clearly marked as rejections via the comment feature in Microsoft Word. If author fails to use Track Changes after being asked to in both the editing email and the editing agreement that works in place of a contract, any new edits from this author will have Track Changes LOCKED until editor has completed their final round of edits. It’s not something anyone wants to do, but it’s an expectation for working with me. Be willing to use Track Changes to keep edits running smoothly and at a decent pace.

For a tutorial on Track Changes, click HERE


First Round edits generally take anywhere from 1-2 weeks depending on length. If the edits fall near a holiday it could take up to 3 weeks, but timelines over 2 weeks would be discussed at the time of scheduling.

Second/Third Rounds: Generally take no more than a week unless 1) there were heavy changes and additional content added from round one. 2)Edits were returned later than expected and have to be held until I can fit them in because on-time edits get priority. (more on late edits farther down the page).

Reservation fee: $20 non-refundable fee due to schedule edits that will be subtracted from the invoice if turned in within 3 days of the scheduled date. If edits are later than 3 days (meaning…it’s due on Monday, but it does not arrive until Thursday at the earliest), the fee will not be subtracted from the invoice. To reiterate, if edits never arrive, there is no refund on this fee.

Editing fees: At least half is due when editing for round one is to begin. I will not begin editing until that payment is made. Second half is due before round edits are turned back over to the author to complete. Since the author is scheduling how many rounds of edits they are committing to, editor will expect these edits to return within a certain amount of time or author will be asked to pay a rescheduling fee for late return edits.

Late fees: When round is sent back to an author, they are given a deadline to return it for a second or third round. The average deadline is 2-3 weeks. (14-21 days). It is very important that authors try to make these deadlines because there are other edits scheduled through the month. The editor will work on the edits that arrived on time first. There is a fifteen-day grace period past the deadline provided (if given 14 days, it can’t be later than 29 days). If later than the grace period, the rescheduling fee to move forward with the edits is $50. This means if it comes back several months late, it will be $50 per 15 days past deadline. If there is any discrepancy in with the deadline for holidays, personal issues, or family emergencies PLEASE INFORM ME WITHIN THE GRACE PERIOD in order to waive these fees. I cannot account for anything I am unaware of. Late fees must be paid before the edits are worked on in these instances.

Adding on a round of edits: If you scheduled one round but feel you need two, (or scheduled two and need three) you can add one on if it is within 2 week of receiving the last round back. It will cost 20% of the full editing cost. So if it was a 50k book and you purchased one round at $300. It would be $60 for an extra round and to add you back into the schedule.

Additional Words Added: If you add a large quantity of words between rounds of edits, an additional fee will be asked before editing continues. There has to be over 5,000 words more than when the manuscript was turned in for this fee to be requested. Most manuscripts only add 1-3k in a heavy edit. If there is significantly more than that,  a significant revision or re-write occurred and the unedited words need to be taken into account for editing and be given a few extra passes as accepting them in. Edits will not be completed until this fee is paid.

REFUNDS: No full refund will be given. No partial refund will be given for round 1. If, for some reason, a second and/or third round has to be cancelled due to a discrepancy with my style or unexpected incidents in life, a 10% partial refund of editing price may be refunded for edits that were more than 45,000 words when edits began. No partial refund will be given for short stories or novellas since first round is a comprehensive content + line edit with some critiquing if needed for developmental help. If additional rounds are cancelled because of time constraints due to returning past deadline, which then makes editing take longer to return to the author again, no partial refund will be given as the author agrees to adhere to deadlines by accepting the terms in the invoice by paying for the edits. If the book was not quite ready for edits and receives a large portion of critiquing and crucial developmental help (i.e. calls for over 3,000 words to be added of missing narration or multiple underdeveloped scenes) no refund will be given due to the amount of work in round 1. Partial refunds, if eligible, must be asked for within 2 weeks of receiving the previous round of edits back. If author is a prior client doing package 2 edits at the rate they used prior to Jan 1, 2017, no partial refund will be given for cancelled rd 2 since pay rate was less than current charge for 2 rounds.


PACKAGE 1: One round of content + line edits only. $0.006 per word (return customers keep the editing rate they had prior to Jan 1, 2017). For authors that have done multiple revisions, on a tight deadline, or usually only need one round of content edits. Only recommended if author has a history of moderately clean edits. Plan for 1-3 week turnaround.

PACKAGE 2: Two rounds edits (1 content/line round and 1 proofreading** round). $0.007 per word (return customers keep the editing rate they had prior to Jan 1, 2017). For authors who usually have heavy first rounds and need the changes from that round double checked. Most common editing package. Plan for minimum of 4-8 week turnaround.

PACKAGE 3: Three rounds edits (1 content/line round, 1 secondary content editing round, 1 proofreading** round). $0.008 per word (for new and previous customers). Recommended to authors who tend to make more errors in revision than in the original draft. Plan for minimum of 10-15 week turnaround.

*editing rates are subject to change at any time. Customers who worked with me prior to Jan 1, 2017 may keep their previous rates for Packages 1 or 2 only.

**While I offer proofreading rounds as the final rounds, I am primarily a content editor and my strength lies in development and content. No editor is infallible, and most of the errors that get into final versions happen as the author is making final corrections during the editing process.


For cover art pricing, go HERE

ART AND EDIT COMBO 1: edit package of choice with 25% off custom ebook cover price (not combinable with first cover discount and cannot be used on pre-made covers).

ART AND EDIT COMBO 2: edit package of choice with 30% off custom print cover price (not combinable with first cover discount and cannot be used on pre-made covers).

Payment can be made by Paypal or money order and is due before round one is turned in. The invoice will be produced based on the final word count on the manuscript that is sent in to me. Paypal is preferred, and there are no refunds unless specified differently. Your invoice will double as a contract, so please read over it carefully.

Before sending in a manuscript, please format your book into a fiction/MLA structure. I edit according to the Chicago Manual of Style, and will change spellings to U.S. spellings. Fiction differs from APA, which is used in journalism. If there are distracting formatting or stylistic issues I will stop 10-20% into the edit and ask you to fix the issues before I can continue, which will delay edits.

Quick checklist to make sure you are good to go:

-ensure the manuscript is all in the same font style and size (aside from headings)

-spacing is either all single or all double (double is easier on the eyes during editing)

-no weird spacing between paragraphs

-manuscript is structured into paragraphs with indents on the first line of each (not tabs).

-Anything longer than 8,000 words should be structured into chapters

-All quotations/apostrophes are the same style (straight or smart quotes). One or the other, but not both. Trust me when I say fixing these during edits is a pain in Track Changes! You’ll wish you did it before starting!

-Your narrative POV has structure and does not weave in and out of first, second and third/limited to omniscient, without rhyme nor reason. Extreme head-hopping may be grounds for a revision before editing can commence. If there is anything stylistically done on purpose that is not commonly done, please inform me before I start the edits.

-You have had at least one beta read or revision prior to the editing process. You never ever want to send an editor the FIRST draft of a book. It just means more work for you, which can be daunting when seeing it all in Track Changes.

-NO PLAGIARISM! I do run things through multiple plagiarism checks if I find a passage that appears suspicious. I will call you on it and I will give you a warning and ask you to remove it. If it happens in a different book after we have had a conversation about it, I reserve the right to refuse further business with you or to stop edits completely without finishing because it becomes a liability to associate with you. If you suspect something isn’t your own words (a cited movie/song/book quote–some of which you have word limits on using, by the way, if it is not public domain) I advise you to correct/remove it before sending the manuscript to me. Plagiarism is illegal when you are selling books for profit. The writer of the content, even in a web article or a blog, can and will take you to court if you are caught. If I suspect the entire book is plagiarized, I will return edits with a partial refund.