Editing F.A.Q.S

Do you do a free editing sample of a chapter?

Not at this time. This is a rough decision I had to put my foot down on because there are months where I am working on 3-5 sets of edits at the same time. I have too many deadlines on my plate to do work for free on the off chance I am not hired or because I can’t do it on the spot. I’m adding a testimonial page to the site, and you are free to contact an author you see I have worked with to discuss my work privately.


How long have you been editing?

Since 2009. I have a degree in English Literature and started editing with Liquid Silver Books directly after graduating from college. Now I do mostly freelance edits and have worked on over 150 books as can be seen here (covers added when available. Only a small portion are my art work.)


Why is there a Reservation fee?

A non-refundable $20 fee is expected up front to hold your place. If the manuscript comes in on time, the fee is deducted from the final cost. Start dates always occur on Monday, so if it is later than Wednesday of that week, the fee is intelligible for deduction. This fee is to encourage authors to turn their manuscripts in time so I am not thrown off schedule with late edits and then throw off their deadlines turning in late edits.


What is the refund policy on editing?

You can reschedule or cancel at any time prior to the start date, but if cancelled after they are started, I will turn in what has been done (if the invoice was paid.) If, for some reason, a second and/or third round has to be cancelled due to a discrepancy with my style or unexpected incidents in life, a 10% partial refund of editing price may be refunded for edits that were more than 45,000 words when edits began. No partial refund will be given for short stories or novellas since first round is a comprehensive content + line edit with some critiquing if needed for developmental help. No partial refund given for cancellations due to edits that take longer than the first 15 day grace period past deadline.


If I do 2-3 rounds and add words between rounds, is there a fee?

Yes, but it’s minimal. There has to be over 5,000 words added from when the manuscript was turned in originally for this fee to be requested. Most manuscripts only add 1-3k in a heavy edit. If there is more than that, a significant revision or re-write occurred and the unedited words need to be taken into account for editing and be given a few extra passes as accepting them in. Edits will not be completed until this fee is paid. I’ve seen books come back with their word count doubled. That’s a lot more wore on a round two or three than expected.


What’s with all the fees? A late fee too!

When you hear nothing from an author for 3-5 months and suddenly they send a book back for another round of edits, it’s bound to through off all your current deadlines. After 30 days of hearing nothing I am assuming edits are done. Basically, you’re paying to be put back on my schedule after being written off and for the extra work I’m putting in to work you back into it.

When round is sent back to an author, they are given a deadline to return it for a second or third round. The average deadline is 2-3 weeks. (14-21 days). It is very important that authors try to make these deadlines because there are other edits scheduled through the month. The editor will work on the edits that arrived on time first. There is a fifteen-day grace period past the deadline provided (if given 14 days, it can’t be later than 29 days). If later than the grace period, the rescheduling fee to move forward with the edits is $50. This means if it comes back several months late, it will be $50 per 15 days past deadline. If there is any discrepancy in with the deadline for holidays, personal issues, or family emergencies PLEASE INFORM ME WITHIN THE GRACE PERIOD in order to waive these fees. I cannot account for anything I am unaware of. Late fees must be paid before the edits are worked on in these instances.


If I only paid for 1-2 rounds but want an additional round of edits, can I pay for more editing?

Absolutely. If you scheduled one round but feel you need two, (or scheduled two and need three) you can add one on if it is within 2 weeks of receiving the last round back. It will cost 20% of the full editing cost. So if it was a 50k book and you purchased one round at $300. It would be $60 for an extra round and to add you back into the schedule.


I don’t have Microsoft Word/My version of Word is out of date.

As long as you can use Track Changes and read and add comments it should be okay, but I would encourage you to update your software if needed. Some other programs will work with Word, though things have been known to get lost.


I don’t know how to use Track Changes.

I have supplied a tutorial on the pre-edit checklist page HERE.


Do you ever send manuscripts back before they are fully edited?

It’s rare, but yes. If the formatting or an issue is too distracting to get more than 1-2 chapters into the book I will send it back to be addressed before I move forward. This may sound annoying, but it is more helpful to take care of large issues without Track Changes all over the pages. I may also send a book back for plagiarism and refuse to continue, offering a partial refund.


Do you no longer offer the discount for edits + artwork?

Correct. I very rarely had people get both at the same time, so I am going to make this a special promotion on occasion.


Any questions I missed? Let me know.

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