Cover Art F.A.Q.S

Do you do illustrated covers?

Not at this time. Currently I only offer photo manipulation.


Why did cover art prices go up?

Cover art is a service, which takes several hours or even days to produce quality work. The pricing reflects the time put into it, the materials (stock) involved, and of course, skill. I’ve kept my prices 2-3 times lower than other artists with similar styles to mine for as long as I could, but the time finally came. My prices now are *still* lower than other artists with similar styles, but I offer 2 base packages now for the level or artwork required.


You just said stock is a factor in the cover art price, so why does your “Quick Cover” package suggest authors supply model stock at no lower price?

This is a fair question and one I debated for a long time, feeling guilty, going back and forth on it, and finally deciding that, yes, I would put this option out there. The Quick Cover package is basically my original cover package with a small rate increase. This package is designed for authors who don’t want to wait over 1-2 weeks for me to track down stock or have to use photo manipulation to create a character no stock is available for. At the moment, supplying stock is still optional.

However, exclusive rights images from custom photo shoots must be supplied by the author regardless of what design option is being purchased.

The artist will cover the stock costs up to 40% the cost of the eBook cover. If stock exceeds this amount (which it rarely does unless the author is selecting high priced stock up front), then the author will be asked to supply the stock or be invoiced for the additional amount. I’ve never had to do this, but have come close on one or two occasions.


So you don’t have to supply or pick out stock for the “Advance Cover?”

Only if it is exclusive stock or if you just want to. You can still suggest models for use if you like but it’s not as stressed, unless multiple revisions are needed due to stock not working and I want to ensure the next revision is just right.


I’m not exactly sure what the difference is between “Quick” and “Advanced” covers aside from urging to have the model stock pre-selected.

Quick covers are “quick” because I either don’t have to spend as much time hunting stock or because I am not doing as extensive photo manipulation to the image. These will be generally models, a background, perhaps some other elements thrown in but not a lot of layers and body part replacements or props being added in.

Advanced covers provide more work in altering the images from their original form. This is the package you select for extensive photo manipulation and more detailed designs. For example, the background image could be composed of 3-5 different images, and body parts of the models could be replaced due to wardrobe or hair or just because something wasn’t working right.


Why do you get one extra included revision in the Advanced Package?

Since the author is more involved in picking the models for the Quick package, it should minimize the amount of full draft revision or changes needed to perfect the cover. The Advanced cover has more going into it and has more risk of needing changes.


Since you are including audiobook graphics with print covers now, why do I have to pay if I have one of your covers already? And why does it only come included in print?

I debated on this too, but audio is a shorter/wider cover and works best if I have the full print template made already. If I decided to do free audiobook covers for past projects, I would be stopping constantly to work on these, which would delay current projects. These graphics aren’t that expensive, and not every author is doing audio consistently anyway, so again, it comes down to being paid for the time and effort.

To reiterate in case it is not clear on the pricing page, the audio only comes with print books that are purchased at the time of the eBook cover. So if you do eBook only, then buy the print a few months down the line, the audio is not included. But if you buy the combo together, the audio is included.


Why is payment due up front? What if I don’t like it?

Because there’s always someone that ruins a good thing for everyone else. Once upon a time I charged at approval, and I had authors take advantage of my kindness. Luckily, it isn’t something I deal with often, but it does happen. Now I just ask for the payment up front, with a partial refund if revisions aren’t fixing any issues in the art. That way I don’t waste my time, and since your money is already involved, you are more upfront with what can and can’t be in the art to minimize issues that would lead to revisions.


Why only a partial refund?

Because I put a lot of time and effort into my art. I skip meals, sleep, and miss my own deadlines as an author myself putting other authors’ needs before my own in both editing and cover art. The fee isn’t just for the art itself, but for the time put into it. You can still keep the last version of the cover made along with the partial refund, or forfeit the refund and pay a small fee for a further full revision.

Full revisions are those that require changing out stock. Slight adjustments to an element existent in the cover or the font are not considered full revisions.


Why did the cost of promotional graphics go up from before?

Before I was grossly underestimating the amount of work that went into making them, especially the graphics that go to the printer for physical items. I tend to send variations of items like bookmarks, so the cost may seem high until you see the amount of files you receive. For custom artwork that isn’t a cover, I am doing basically the same work I would do for a cover, but at over half the cost. It’s only fair I be paid for the custom commissions more than I would for a basic web banner with a cover image on it.


Do you no longer offer the discount for edits + artwork?

Correct. I very rarely had people get both at the same time, so I am going to make this a special promotion on occasion.


Why aren’t all pre-made covers priced the same?

They are priced based on the amount of work that went into making them. Most of my pre-mades are covers I created in my free time using stock I purchased and haven’t used yet. Therefore, some can be used in more elaborate ways than others. Pre-made covers are already discounted up to 40-60% the price they would have been if custom covers.


Any questions I missed? Let me know.

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